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1. What type of generator does the REMC provide?

UDWI REMC is an authorized dealer for Generac generators.  Certified installers and service contractors will perform installations.


2. How does a generator work?

The generators provided by the UDWI REMC have an automatic transfer switch, which monitors incoming utility voltage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When a break in your electrical service occurs, the switch immediately signals the generator to power up. It safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens up a new power line from the generator.


3. How loud is the generator when it is running?

a. In quiet test mode, during weekly operation, the level is 65 DBA (measurement of sound pressure) at 20 feet.

b. Normal emergency operation is 78 DBA at 20 feet.

c. In comparison, a typical riding lawn mower is 90 DBA at 20 feet.


4. How much does a generator cost?

Each installation and home requirements are different. Prices can be given once a site evaluation has been completed.


5. Details about Generac Pre-Packaged Emergency Power Systems (generators) provided by UDWI REMC:

a. Automatic engine start/stop

b. 20 KW generator weighs 571 pounds

c. Provides standby power to the entire house

d. Dimensions are Length x Width x Height (49x26x29)

e. Can be operated by either liquid propane or natural gas f. At 50% load, a generator will use 1.78 (lp) gallons hour

g. Automatic electric load transfer to the “live” source of electricity

h. Overspeed / low oil / high temperature / low coolant level shutdowns

i.  Most powerful, fully automatic, enclosed generators of its size available anywhere

j.  Installers will set unit on 3” of gravel; member may supply a mounting pad of their choice


6. Details about the Generator Load Shed Program:

a. Must be a member

b. Requires a Demand Response Unit (DRU) to be set on the generator

c. DRU required for a period of 3 years

d. UDWI REMC requires unit be placed within 10 feet of meter base, unless other arrangement are made during site survey

e. UDWI REMC may operate the generator during peak/control periods limited to December, January, February and June, July, August

f. UDWI REMC will pay $50 per month during the control months December, January, February and June, July, August to reimburse for fuel usage Total $300 per year

g. EPA requires annual maintenance to be performed on all generators used for peak shaving. All maintenance must be documented and a copy sent to UDWI REMC

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