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Speakers Bureau

The Utilities District of Western Indiana REMC recently announced it now offers a speakers bureau to groups in the region, including area businesses, social and fraternal organizations, agricultural groups, youth groups, education groups, seniors groups, women’s groups, and trade associations. 

     The speakers bureau is made up of UDWI professionals with strong public speaking experience and a wide variety of expertise.  The speeches cover vital business topics, including leadership, traits of a successful organization, effective marketing and communications, exceptional customer service, the future of electric power, organizational finance and planning, and human resources.  All presentations are free. 

     “Our national trade organizations conduct ongoing research on all kinds of topics, from how to run a successful business or organization to economic development or leadership,” comments Lyna Landis, Marketing & Communications Manager at UDWI.    “UDWI has access to that information and wants to share it locally.  We’ve organized the topics into entertaining, helpful presentations of all lengths that will offer resources to businesses and groups in our communities.”



Customer Service - Kim Todd, Manager of Office Services

  • How To Handle Angry Customers (Taking The Heat)

  • Navigating Through Conflict In The Workplace

  • 10 Secrets Of Excellent Customer Service

  • Telephone Etiquette

  • Managing Customer Expectations


Financial Planning - Matt Miller, Manager of Financial Services

  • Financial Standards For Success

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • What Do Your Business Numbers Really Mean?

  • The Crystal Ball Of Projected Income Statements

  • Using The Theory Of Constraints For Business


Human Resources - Mike Chapman, Manager of Human Resources & Compliance

  • How To Hire The Perfect Employee Every Time

  • How To Create Happy & Productive Employees

  • Successfully Managing The Modern Employee

  • Dealing With Difficult Employees

  • Performance Reviews Making Employees Happy

  • The Search For Adult Behavior In The Workplace


Energy Solutions - Shane Smith, Manager of Operations & Engineering

  • Meet The Utilities District Of Western Indiana REMC

  • Taking Electricity Where No One Else Wants To Go

  • Making Electricity In 2015 A.D.

  • 7 Important Trends Affecting Your Energy Future

  • Your Electric Bill In 2030 A.D.

  • What Happens When Your Lights Go Out?


Communications - Lyna Landis, Manager of Marketing & Communications and Lydia Campbell, Communications & Marketing Specialist

  • Communication Styles

  • Generational Differences In The Workplace

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Team Building

  • Maximing Strengths For Productivity

  • Overcoming Barriers To Effective Teamwork

  • Effective Group Presentation

  • Disc Personality Profiles

  • Introspection & Self-Awareness

  • Emotional & Social Intelligence

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