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As a not-for-profit co-op, UDWI REMC is owned by its members. Every month you pay your bill for electric service and the cooperative pays the expenses of providing that service. Anything left over after operating costs, loan payments, and other expenses is called a margin. Part of being a cooperative means that UDWI does not earn profits; instead, any revenues above the cost of doing business during a year are considered margins.

For decades, these margins were invested back into the cooperative to pay for infrastructure such as line repairs, system upgrades or equipment. But, when a co-op can determine that it is in a financially sound position after making these required investments, the margins are “retired” and are disbursed to the members in the form of capital credits.

In 2012, the UDWI board of directors made the decision to “retire the margins” and to begin dispersing capital credits. Since then, approximately 88,400 capital credit checks and 14,600 bill credits have been distributed to members, totaling over $4.4 million.

The list of unclaimed capital credits available today is for 1966-1973.


Search below for the unclaimed capital credits from the years of 1966 to 1973.

If you or a family member is listed, please contact our office at (800) 489-7362 or (812) 384-4446 to speak with a capital credits clerk.

To see if you are on the list of unclaimed capital credits, search by last name using the alphabetical listings below.

Please remember that as you move off UDWI REMC’s line, you should keep the business office informed of your current address.

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