Safety Tips

UDWI cares deeply about the safety of its members and employees. Electrical hazards often go unaddressed until it is too late, and precautions can be taken to minimize the risk in your home.

Check out these home safety tips, and visit or for helpful information on all things electrical safety.

  • Check the cords of the appliances in your home, as well as the plugs and connectors. Make sure they are not frayed, cracked or damaged, placed under rugs or carpets, resting on furniture, or in high traffic areas. Do not nail or staple cords to walls, floors, or any other objects.
  • If an appliance repeatedly blows a fuse, trips a circuit breaker, or gives you an electrical shock, immediately unplug, repair, or replace it.
  • Do not overload outlets. Only one heat-producing device should be plugged into an outlet at a time, and major appliances should be plugged straight into an outlet.
  • Keep all electrical appliances and tools away from water. Keep appliances a safe distance from your sink and anything else that uses water.
  • Inspect all appliances, electronics, and tools are frayed cords or broken plugs. Do not use anything with a damaged cord or plug.

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