UDWI REMC and Mainstream Fiber Networks announced in 2024 their partnership in the largest fiber project for the cooperative’s service territory. 

As part of the partnership, Mainstream will focus on establishing broadband connections to unserved and underserved areas within UDWI’s service area, specifically taking a county-wide approach. UDWI will provide advice and assist Mainstream in determining strategically located fiber backbones for broadband projects, which will then connect at least 80 percent of residents and businesses in the area. 


Am I being charged for this on my UDWI bill?

No, there is no cost to UDWI customers for this project. IF members decide to take the fiber service, it will be through Mainstream fiber and billed directly from Mainstream.

Why are Mainstream and UDWI partnering on this project?

This project allows UDWI and Mainstream to work together to bring fiber internet service more quickly and efficiently in common service areas. Building fiber in rural areas is costly. By partnering, each company can leverage its assets, lowering the cost of building fiber in hard-to-serve rural areas of the region.

Where is the project area? How do I know if my home is in the area?

Grant funding will dictate where the project will start, however this project intends to provide fiber-to-the-home across UDWI’s entire service area.

All homes included in the first construction area will be notified by UDWI and Mainstream in advance of construction. Information and maps will also be included on the UDWI website as well as Mainstream’s website.

How much does the project cost? Who is paying for it?

In 2020, Indiana announced the second round of the Next Level Connections Broadband grant program, which awarded $51 million for 50 broadband infrastructure expansion projects across the state. UDWI and Mainstream will continue to apply for these grants to help offset construction costs.

The construction costs will not increase electric rates for UDWI members.

How long will it be before I can get service?

All customers within the construction area will be notified in advance of construction and service availability, which is expected to begin in the spring of 2024. As the project continues, UDWI and Mainstream will provide more information on the specific timeframe. The entire project is expected to take five years to complete.

Will every home in UDWI’s service area be reached with this Mainstream partnership?

The goal is to eventually offer every home without access to current fiber internet with the option to connect to fiber through this partnership with Mainstream. The progress of this project will rely on continued grant funding and the time needed for construction across the service territory.

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