UDWI REMC conducts electrical safety demonstrations for first responders

BLOOMFIELD, Ind. (June 14, 2021) — The Utilities District of Western Indiana REMC recently completed an electrical safety demonstration for the Beech Creek Township Eastern Fire Department in Solsberry. 

The safety demonstration provided the fire department with a live line situation, which includes a small-scale representation of the equipment UDWI uses in the field. The training equips firefighters with the knowledge of how to handle downed powerlines and the series of steps to they need follow during this emergency.

“UDWI did a wonderful job with the live line demo and made sure to cover specific aspects that relate to the fire department and beyond,” said Kole Jones, captain of the Beech Creek Township Eastern Fire Department. “I think every fire department that has the opportunity to do this training should take advantage of it because not only did their team provide us with the information to be safer, but also how we can help them and make both of our jobs easier. Overall, it was one of the best trainings I have done.”

The event was conducted by UDWI team members John Sutton (Supervisor of Engineering Services), Britt Miller (Lead Member Service Representative), Curtis Hasler (Apprentice Lineman), Michael Nail (Journeyman Lineman) and Cole Riggleman (Field Technician).

“We are able to simulate outages, operate devices, and demonstrate electrical arcing during these training sessions,” said Sutton. “We appreciate the opportunity to assist first responders in staying safe.”

Education, Training, and Information is one of the 7 Cooperative Principles and a top priority for the UDWI team. The co-op has had great success keeping employees and members safe through the completion of various training and educational programs.

Over the last few years, UDWI has provided public safety training and education to law enforcement, firefighters, EMC personnel, and dispatchers in and around its service territory. In 2018, UDWI developed its own training yard to host training for its own team and other co-ops in the area.

 The UDWI team completed over 20 safety training classes, totaling nearly 800 hours in 2020. 

“Being able to meet with our community organizations and help further member education and safety is a great resource that UDWI is able to provide to the community,” said UDWI CEO Doug Childs. “I am extremely proud of our team for continuing to promote member safety and public outreach, and I am looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future.”

If your organization is interested in receiving a safety demonstration from UDWI, please contact the office at (812) 384-4446 to schedule a training.

Utilities District of Western Indiana REMC (UDWI REMC) located in Bloomfield, Ind., is an electric utility cooperative that serves nearly 16,000 members in Clay, Daviess, Greene, Knox, Lawrence, Martin, Monroe, Owen, Putnam, Sullivan and Vigo Counties and maintains over 2,000 miles of line.

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